About US

FlyAnywhere has been created to help consumers and travel agents understand exactly what they can do with General Aviation aircraft using our simple, intuitive and fun planning tools. By using our leading edge technology consumers are empowered to receive a variety of quotes based on their exact flight requirements simplifying the entire process.

The General Aviation industry in Australia has never been fully connected to travel agents either in Australia or anywhere else in the world. FlyAnywhere has changed this by supplying a financial incentive for Travel Agents to place enquiries on behalf of their clients that are travelling to Australia. This ensures that there is a steady supply of new and relevant leads for the industry as a whole allowing aviation businesses and pilots to benefit significantly from the increased demand for their services which creates more revenue and ultimately drives the growth of the General Aviation industry in Australia.

fOR Consumers:

Fly Anywhere uses leading edge technology to connect travellers with the General Aviation industry. Most people are unaware of the possibilities offered flying via small plane or helicopter. Fly Anywhere bridges this gap through a simple and intuitive planning tool that shows consumers all the travel options they’ve been missing.

With our easy-to-use system, consumers can input all the details needed to plan their custom-made flight. Our platform then supplies a range of quotes for the flight created, giving a reasonable number of specific choices without an overwhelming generic list other travel sites offer. Without FlyAnywhere, consumers cannot effectively compare quotes that meet their exact needs. Scanning different websites and getting numerous quotes results in overwhelming, and often costly travel planning.

FlyAnywhere solves this problem by allowing the consumer to drive the demand by inputting their exact and specific travel needs so that vendors must offer quotes that meet those exact requests. This allows the consumer to easily compare quotes that can equally fulfil their needs. FlyAnywhere also cuts out the middleman by serving as a planning tool only.

Consumers can easily access Fly Anywhere through our website at flyanwhere.com.au and through our soon to be released iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.

fOR Aviation Businesses and Pilots:

At FlyAnywhere.com.au you will find hundreds of relevant leads available for your business to quote on and purchase. Thousands of people have travel needs spanning all four corners of Australia and they are tired of having to plan their flights with faceless airlines and be tied to their strict schedules. Consumers use the FlyAnywhere website to create their very own flight and specify their exact needs. Once they have done this you can place a quote for this flight and if successful you can purchase their contact details. Before you purchase their contact details you’ll know everything about their flight requirements so you can never quote on or buy anything that is not relevant to your business.

When you join you’ll experience the leverage of our global contacts throughout the travel industry which includes travel agents all over the world, our Australian network of hotel contacts and concierge’s and of course our social media audiences. All of these people and businesses are entering flight requests on behalf of their clients with a financial incentive from FlyAnywhere. This ensures that your Aviation Business now has access to the travel industry and a steady stream of consumers like never before.

Stop wasting time looking for new clients in social media and spending thousands on advertising that you simply cannot measure. FlyAnywhere has it all right here. The people that want, and need to go flying, have placed their request in the FlyAnywhere website and are seeking a quote from you immediately.

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fOR Travel Agents & Hotel Concierges:

Travel Agents have never been able to effectively receive ongoing commissions for placing bookings on behalf of their clients to travel in small aeroplanes or helicopters. The operators of these businesses are unable to pay commissions and their industry reach is far too small. FlyAnywhere changes all of this by allowing travel agents all over the world to receive a payment to place enquiries for these services on behalf of their clients.

FlyAnywhere provides a strong financial incentive for travel agents to enter these enquiries allowing a commission to be received for every enquiry placed at the FlyAnywhere website. Once the enquiry has been placed it is generated as a lead in the website. Aviation businesses and individual pilots can then purchase this lead if it is relevant to their particular circumstance. Each time a lead is purchased the travel agent that placed the lead receives a commission.

When a travel agent creates an enquiry on behalf of their client, the client is the one who receives the quotes so there is no additional work that the travel agent needs to do other than place the initial enquiry. Imagine that, getting paid to place an enquiry, there is nothing to sell!!

FlyAnywhere cannot guarantee that you will make any money if you join however this is an untapped market and the FlyAnywhere website connects consumers and travel agents to the general aviation industry in Australia like never before. Lets work a few numbers: Say your Travel Agency has 5 desks and books 15 holidays per week to or in Australia. Thats 15 new leads each week. 15 leads x $11.70 (your commission) = $175.50 per week or $9,126 p/a in new revenue.

Of course FlyAnywhere cannot guarantee that any of your leads will sell however we do know that there is massive consumer demand for greater connectivity throughout Australia and the supply of aviation businesses and pilots to meet this consumer demand is ready and waiting to purchase these leads. All you need to do is ask your clients the one simple question: "How would you like to go on a scenic flight when you get there?"

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