Frequently asked questions

General FAQs

Q. Is FlyAnywhere a travel agent?

No we are not a travel agency nor do we broker or book flights of any kind. FlyAnywhere is a website/business that provides consumers the tools to see what is possible in general aviation aircraft. Consumers can choose to receive quotes on flights that they create. If they choose to receive a quote, the quote comes directly from aviation businesses and individual pilots, and FlyAnywhere has no interest in the outcome of the quote nor does it facilitate the communication with or between the consumer, the aviation businesses and/or individual pilots.

Q. Does have flights for sale?

No, we do not sell flights of any type nor do we act to broker flights on behalf of any other business.

Q. If you don't sell flights then what is this website?

The FlyAnywhere website allows consumers to create a flight either scenic, one way or return, departing from any of the 1818 airports throughout Australia. The consumer may then choose to receive a formal quote for the flight that they have created. If they select a quote and award it then they will be contacted directly either via SMS, phone or email (depending on their preferences).

Q. I have received some quotes - what happens next?

Once you receive the quotes, compare the prices and award the winning bid, you will be contacted directly by the aviation business or individual pilot that you awarded the job to. They will contact you either via email, phone or SMS (depending on your preferences). These people will provide a formal quote for the flight and coordinate the details directly with you. It is up you as a consumer to decide who is best suited to your exact requirement and you as the consumer ultimately decide who you choose to fly with. Remember that FlyAnywhere is not involved in your flight booking in any way. FlyAnywhere provides legitimate aviation businesses and pilots consumer contact information along with flight requests in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions of this website.

Q. How quickly will I receive a quote?

It really depends on when you create it. If it is during business hours then you could expect something within a few hours. Aviators need a little time to check availability of aircraft and the details of where you want to go. A reasonable expectation is to have the quotes coming in within 24-hours but it may take longer depending on your exact requirement. Remember also, there is no obligation on the consumers side to accept any quote they receive. If the consumer doesn't like what they receive then they simply decline the quote.

Q. If i request a quote how many can i expect to receive?

It really depends upon where your flight is departing from. Capital cities typically have more businesses and pilots so you are more likely to receive more options if departing from these major hubs. The availability of aircraft and pilots will determine how many quotes you receive. If there is alot available then it is highly likely you will enjoy a wide range of options.

Q. Why hasn't anyone contacted me about my enquiry?

If you have created a flight and requested a quote but have not received any feedback within 24-hours then there may be a few reasons why. Firstly there may be no businesses or pilots that service your departure location therefore no pilots or businesses have seen your quote since their settings don't match your departure location. Secondly, due to the large demand created by FlyAnywhere your request may not have been seen by the relevant businesses and or pilots yet. If you have an urgent request or need to follow up a request then please send us an email directly and we will endeavour to assist you:

Q. My enquiry is URGENT - what can I do?

We understand that you may have an urgent requirement to travel somewhere and that a small aeroplane or helicopter is the fastest way to get you exactly where you need to be right now. The most important thing and the first thing that you need to do is create and save your flight with all of the relevant details. Once you have created and saved it into our system give us a call directly and we will contact the businesses and pilots in our database that can assist you. Without your lead in the system we won't be able to tell the people that can help you what you need so it is critical that you first create and save your flight. Please keep in mind that FlyAnywhere does not sell flights nor broker flights on behalf of any other business. We simply tell relevant pilots and aviation businesses that consumers want to go flying, if they like what they see they will contact you directly and we cannot guarantee that any aviation business or pilot will be able to assist you even if you have an urgent requirement. If your requirement is super urgent and it needs immediate attention then please give us a call on 1800 889 254 and we will work with our contacts to assist you.

Pilots and Aviation Businesses FAQs

Q. How much does it cost to join FlyAnywhere?

As an aviation business or pilot with a minimum of a private pilots licence you can have access the leads in the FlyAnywhere website for just $1 for 30-days. If you decide to continue with your membership after 30-days you will be charged $19 per month to remain part of FlyAnywhere and enjoy access to all the leads.

Q. How much does a lead cost?

Before you can purchase a lead you must first have the consumer award the flight to you. There are a few things that need to happen prior to you purchasing a lead. First (once you see something that is relevant to you), you'll need to place a quote for $2. This is the price per person per seat for the flight that the consumer is requesting. Once the consumer has received enough quotes to make an informed decision they will accept one of them. If it is awarded to you then you will be invited to purchase the contact information for that consumer for $39. This system ensures that you can never buy a lead that you have not won and if you miss out then the most you can ever lose on any deal is $2.

Q. What will I receive when I purchase a lead?

Before you purchase a lead you will need to place a quote and in doing so you will know the exact type of flight that the consumer is seeking to undertake. Therefore you cannot ever quote on something that is not applicable or relevant to your individual circumstances. Once the consumer awards the flight to you and you purchase the lead we will unlock the contact information of that consumer. You will receive their name, their email address, their mobile number and their preferred method of contact along with any special instructions.

Q. Does buying a lead guarantee a booking?

Remember that you cannot buy a lead without a consumer awarding the business to you. Once you have been awarded the business then you will be invited to purchase the lead. After you have done that it is your responsibility to contact that consumer directly via their preferred means. With all of that considered people do change their minds and we could never guarantee that a consumer won't. Remember that FlyAnywhere does not take bookings nor do we broker flights on behalf of anyone. All we are doing is telling relevant aviators that there is a person/s that want to go flying and passing on the contact detail of that person/s.

Q. How will I be alerted to a lead?

Once you sign up and create your account you will be able to set your filers to reflect your individual circumstances. This will set up your account to show you only the leads that are relevant to you. There is a facility to set your email filters to contact you about leads as they come in or it can be as a daily summary or a weekly summary, the choice is yours.

Q. What is the best way to contact a consumer?

Once you purchase a lead from the FlyAnywhere website we will supply you with the consumers name, email and phone number along with their preferred method of communication. It is then up to you to contact that consumer directly via their preferred means. FlyAnywhere does not provide any facilities of any type to facilitate communication directly with consumers wanting to undertake flights. Since FlyAnywhere is not a travel agent and does not broker flights on behalf of any individual or business we cannot, and do not, provide the communication facilities. It is up to you as the business or individual pilot to contact the consumer directly and offer your services. FlyAnywhere has no interest in the outcome of any communication between consumers, businesses and pilots.

Q. Why can't I see any leads?

There are 2 reasons that you cannot see any leads. First your filters may be too refined. Try widening your search to include other airports in your area or try removing specific aircraft types from your search (consumers may want the aviator to decide exactly what aircraft is best for them). Second there may not be anyone that wants to depart on any type of flight from the locations that you have nominated. FlyAnywhere works hard with many different elements within the travel and tourism industry along with the business community, and we do our very best to ensure that there is a steady supply of leads in the system. However we cannot guarantee that there will be leads available for your individual circumstance.

Travel Agents FAQs

Q. Why should I join FlyAnywhere?

Travel Agents have never been able to effectively receive ongoing commissions for placing bookings on behalf of their clients to travel in small aeroplanes or helicopters. The operators of these businesses are unable to pay commissions and their industry reach is far too small. FlyAnywhere changes all of this by allowing travel agents all over the world to place enquiries on behalf of their clients. FlyAnywhere provides a financial incentive for travel agents to enter these enquiries allowing commission to be received for every enquiry placed at the FlyAnywhere website. Once the enquiry has been placed it is generated as a lead in the website. Aviation businesses and individual pilots can then purchase this lead if it is relevant to their particular circumstance. Each time a lead is purchased the travel agent that placed the lead receives a commission. The ongoing commissions and the huge untapped market are the 2 primary reasons that travel agents all over the world should join FlyAnywhere and start placing enquiries on behalf of their clients today!

Q. How do I place bookings at this website? is not a booking website. There are no flights available for sale however users can create a flight and receive free quotes for the flight that they create. As a travel agent; when you create a flight and save it on behalf of a client it enters our system as a new lead and relevant Australian aviation business and individual pilots can quote on, and if successful, purchase this lead. These businesses and pilots are then able to supply the consumer the services based on their exact requirements.

Q. Whats the best way to create a quote for my clients?

The very best way to create a quote for your clients is to do it with your clients details. Use their email, their mobile phone number and direct all of the quotes to them. By doing that you can set your clients expectations that the aviation businesses and pilots will contact them directly and they will retain the decision on whom to fly with. Setting their expectation in this way will demonstrate that you have done all you can in the facilitation of meeting their travel requirements. You will still receive your commissions for placing the leads at the website and your client will get to retain the ultimate decision about who they want to fly with. This method will eliminate the need for you, as the travel agent, to handle all of the quotes that come in, which could be overwhelming if there are dozens of quotes each week. Pass the quote and decisions back to your client and concentrate on only facilitating the initial communication by entering the lead on behalf of your clients.

Q. If I request a quote for a client how quickly will they be received?

It really depends on when you create it. If it is during business hours then you could expect something within a few hours but remember that aviators often need a little time to check availability of aircraft and the operational details of where you want to go. A reasonable expectation is to have the quotes starting to come in within 24-hours.

Q. How and when do I receive my commissions?

FlyAnywhere uses a payment system called Stripe. When you sign up at the FlyAnywhere website you will need to create a Stripe account to receive your payments. Setting up your Stripe account is completely free, it is very simple and takes less than 2-minutes to do. Once that is set up and you enter a lead into the website, and it is sold, your commissions will be transferred instantly to your account. Stripe transfers the funds to your nominated bank account every few days ensuring that you have a steady stream of cashflow in your business. Once your Stripe account is set up the commission process is in real time and 100% automated. You will also be able to see in your dashboard how many leads you have placed into the system, how many have sold and exactly what commissions you are entitled to.

Q. Is their limit to how many quotes I can place each month?

No there is no limit at all, you can place as many requests for quotes as you like however not all of your leads may be sold and FlyAnywhere cannot and does not guarantee that you will receive any commissions for any leads that you may enter into our website.

Q. How much money will I make if I join?

FlyAnywhere cannot guarantee that you will make any money if you join however this is an untapped market that connects consumers and travel agents to the general aviation industry in Australia like never before. Lets work a few numbers: Say your Travel Agency has 5 desks and books 10 holidays per week to Australia. Thats 50 new leads each week asking your clients "How would you like to go on a scenic flight when you get there?" Say 25 of these leads sell. Thats 25 leads x $11.70 (your commission) = $292.50 per week or $15,210p/a. Of course FlyAnywhere cannot guarantee that any of your leads will sell however we do know that the consumer demand is certainly there as is the supply of aviation businesses and pilots to meet this consumer demand. Why not give it a try for $1. Your business will be able to test this for 30-days and see if it works.

Q. Is FlyAnywhere available in other countries?

The FlyAnywhere expansion plan is a rapid one. With significant traction in the Australian market expansion into the Oceania region and into the United States is happening now and will be completed by early 2015. The immediate market opportunity for your travel agency is Australia and your business can get paid for entering leads into the Australian website. As our business grows we will let you know about the new and emerging opportunities in other countries which will widen your opportunity and increase your revenue.